"F11 ward induction"

About: West Suffolk Hospital / Maternity

I went to the f11 ward to be induced. I was treated well until the night before I had my son. My waters broke early hours on thursday morning I was in a lot of pain. The senior midwife never checked.me at all until I was physically pushing. They refused to give me pethadine because they did not think I was actually in labour (I was they never checked) instead I was given small dose of morphine which did not help at all. Through a painful early morning I was in agony by 8am but was rejected time and time again for pain killer because of staff handover. Finally they took me to the Labour suite but once again I was never checked, they put in an epidural which did not work because I was 10cm dilated (if they checked that I would not of had to go through more pain) so they were about to put in another epidural because they were convinced it was put in incorrectly. Just before they put the second needle in I was pushing my baby out on the edge of the bed. After having my son with only gas and air I could not bare the stitches so I waited to go into theatre. I waited a very long time and never had that special skin.to skin with my son before we had hours apart. After finally leaving hospital the next day I was in a lot of pain and realised after a couple of days that I had an infection that was close to reaching my womb. I will not be returning

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