"problems when giving birth"

(as the patient),

like another person on this site i to had a bad experience giving birth at this hospital. i had to be induced as i had pre-eclamsemia and with it very high blood pressure, i was in pain from the tablets given to induce me for 5 hours before anybody came to see me and by then i had already gone in to full labour, i was seen to by 4 diff midwives a dr and an anaesthetist decided to come in and watch it all happen, the midwives would not let my partner stay over night, even though they did another patient, and then they refused to ring him to come in for the birth the day after. he was therefore late and missed his son being born. the nursing staff overdosed me on one drug to reduce my blood pressure, then thought it was funny and laughed with her work mates about it. i was forced to try and breast feed and had numerous midwifes pulling at my boobs to try and get my baby to latch on one even bruised me as she was that rough, in the end i just discharged myself and left.

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