"Unhappy with infection and care at Warrington Hospital"

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(as the patient),

I went into hospital in Sept 2007 to have a full hysterectomy. I had my operation the same night. The surgeon who did the op, I thought was a visitor looking for someone as she came to my bed carrying her handbag with a banana in it, no name or id on show. I had all the checks done before as normal when going in hospital ID band on my arm also a red band for my allergy to penicillin.

I did not see my husband until the following morning as he was told I was not back on the ward that night for visiting as things had taken a bit longer. The nursing staff on the ward were excellent to me. I saw an understudy of Mr Ramsden for my care while on the ward (sorry do not recall the name). I had to have a scan and an x-ray because I ended up with an infection in my wound, when the staples were removed finally the right side of my wound was still open. I was given penicillin (yes I had a red band on saying penicillin allergy) this caused me to vomit a great deal, I was not well at all during my stay in the hospital. when my husband questioned the doctor about the penicillin, he was vague about it.

I just wanted to go home as I was in the hospital for nearly two weeks, I noticed there was a lot of dust around and I did not see the cleaners everyday - it was more like every other day or more. When I got home I had to have a district nurse see me for two weeks to pack my wound.

When I left the hospital I was told that they would see me again in 3-4 weeks due to the infection instead of the usual 6weeks. This did not happen, I rang the consultant's clinic and was told there was no appointment for me, that maybe she could get me in in December. I was furious as I was having problems and I need to speak to someone about them. she finally got me one for November, when I saw another understudy, who was under the impression that I had seen someone in October(where that appt went I do not know).

She was very sorry for all that I had suffered and that I had to phone up and sort my own appt out. I am still having problems with passing water, and now I am waiting on a urgent scan, as I am in pain when I walk and sit on upright chairs. I went back to work for 3 days(every other day) sitting in an office chair seems to have made my pains worse, the doctor I saw yesterday said that either I have fluid build up behind my scar where the infection was, or my bowel has adhered itself to the scar tissues. He has put me off work for another 4 weeks(this has gone down like a lead balloon, as you can imagine) so I sit at home waiting on my "URGENT SCAN". I had my hysterectomy to help me with health problems that I can no longer cope with, now I have another. No one on the ward or the registrar I saw seemed to be that bothered that I had been give a drug that I am allergic to, or that I had an infection in a wound that after 9 days had still not closed up. The surgeon came and had a look, and seemed to be asking the nurse and a doctor on the ward, what she could do. I am unhappy.

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