"I think some of the staff at treliske are disgraceful"

About: Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske) / Paediatrics

(as the patient),

My son was rushed into hospital on Saturday, having had a very serious asthma attack caused by a chest infection, while he was staying with his gran for a few days.

We live over an hour and a half away from the hospital, and had a call to from his gran to say what had happened, but that it wasn't anywhere near as bad as some of the attacks he had had in the past. So we were trying to get home, because we were over an hour away from home up in Devon, at the time. We planned to go from there, straight down to our son, after quickly dropping our dogs at home as it was on the way, and unfair to leave them in the car while we were in the hospital for god knows how long.

Next thing we knew, we had a call from the hospital telling us we needed to get there immediately his condition had changed. They refused to give any details, and we automatically assumed the worse, because the way they had spoke to us they made out he might die.

You can imagine the state we were in all the way down to the hospital wondering if our son was going to die, and if we would make it in time.

When we did get there they told he had picked up again almost an hour earlier, but they hadn't bothered to call and tell us this, just left us to believe our son was dieing, and I just broke down in tears, because I had really believe my son was going to die, and that I would not be there for him.

Then we had some bad luck with our car breaking down, and living so far from the hospital having a mortgage to pay, and all the other everyday things we all struggle with in life, I explained to the hospital that we had no way of getting down. But as his gran was with him, we were safe in the knowledge he had someone with him who he knew who cared about him and could be trusted with him. As it was, my husband had to get back to work as well or we wouldn't be able to afford to pay our mortgage, and of course once that happens your spiralling into debt, so my husband was working all day, coming home and trying to fix our car, practically all night every night so we could get to our son.

Today I called to check on my son, and had a nurse accusing me of being a bad parent, being incredibly rude to me, and I am furious. This nurse does not know me and my family, and if there was a hospital closer to my area, then we would be able to be with our son all the time.

I have a serious phobia of hospitals so can not stay in a hospital overnight, I am currently getting help with this, in order that in future I will be able to stay with my son, but when you are already worried sick about your child, and not getting a wink of sleep for worry, the last thing you need is nurses talking to you like this, especially when the don't know your situation.

I think it is a disgrace, as if you don't have enough worries and upset when your child is hospital without a nurse making you feel worse.

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