"Stroke strategy or tragedy?"

About: Stafford Hospital

(as the patient),

I had my first brain haemorrhage in 99; prior to that I had received three incorrect diagnoses of TIAs (Transient Ischaemic Attacks) from consultants at this hospital. That brain attack in 99 left me with other conditions such as Epilepsy, Diabetes, Thrombophilia, also Thalamus Syndrome, Small vessel disease etc. I have to now have medication / liquids / feed via a Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) feeding tubes. Had anyone at this Hospital including the three consultants I had seen executed a MRI scan in the previous 3/4 years prior to my brain haemorrhage in 99 as my GP had been sending me to the Hospital. In 99 two Neurosurgeons said they could have saved me from the hell that one now calls life. At the same hospital after a simple Gall Bladder removal operation; I was not told that I had MRSA despite my complaint to the Surgeon that the 14 inch wound was not healing? The Hospital contacted my GP several days after my discharge; to tell him that I had MRSA, not a surprise to us due to both the foul discharge from the wound that was not healing moreover that has now left me with an ever growing hernia that had formed. The Consultant Surgeon who left me in such a mess post gall bladder removal has moved to another hospital however at our local Hospital the Consultant Surgeon has referred me to a Consultant Surgeon at another Hospital; albeit no one bothered to tell me? Well why should they as I'm just the patient what’s it got to do with me…. I had been talking to a friend and telling him how dirty the wards were and he said it was my diabetes and my eye sight? I took him up to the Hospital and showed him with the ward sisters consent four wards and he was disgusted he also is a microbiologist. The Stroke care at our local hospital has gone from a 30+ bed special unit; down to 4 beds in a bay; at a time when this government tells us that they have a national stroke strategy; which in my opinion is nothing more than a stroke tragedy in our area.
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