"Some lovely midwives, but not enough support"

About: Diana, Princess Of Wales Hospital / Maternity care

(as the patient),

On Sunday, I had the inducement day of my beautiful baby boy. We had a good experience building up to the birth. On Monday we had some lovely midwives who took good care of us. They kept on checking on us seeing if I was alright because I was in pain. On the Monday night the contractions were horrible and didn't sleep a wink but I could understand why they didn't give me any drugs except paracetamol. The day of my birth was on the Tuesday which we had one of the youngest but nicest midwives what the ward had on, she went over everything and if there was a question what we fired at her, she was would answer honestly and never judged us about how stupid or how hard the question was. We had another midwife which we had for the night which was lovely but can't remember her name but she was lovely.

As soon as we had the baby we had to stay in for a couple of days longer and that's when it all changed. I never had the most awful and disgusting treatment from anyone in my life. I will tell who ever is reading this some key points but not all the problems because I could be here all night typing. After birth she was offered a bottle to fed our beautiful boy and I understand that, on the next day I wanted to get some help/ speak to some one about breastfeeding because I wanted to breastfeed from the start and all what I got is someone just standing there saying the mouth goes on the nipple and that's it just standing there arms crossed and 'showing her concerned' by folding her arms, we end up giving him a bottle by the distressed of the baby and got told that she was coming back later to help us again and to express some milk, and no show of her again!

A certain person from the child care ward upstairs who was a member of staff was disgusted of the matter and took us in her arms and really helped us a lot and she made our days so much better with the care and love she showed towards us.

I found about half of the midwives on the ward really disrespectful by asking for help and still not helping with us because we didn't have a clue what to do.  It felt like they just threw us to the dogs. They took at least 30 minutes to come and help us with a screaming baby you must admit it was really hard. They were so loud it's unreal, day, night and the early hours of the morning. Most of the time what I seen them doing is on their phones not bothering with no one. The thing what annoys me the most is this; it feels like they don't care or communicating with no one from upstairs (because the people from upstairs is the midwives, for the baby and the midwives on the ward is for only me). The midwives from my ward wouldn't the baby first at no situation at all. We had one bad night with our baby and tried to reason with the midwives asking can you do the things around the baby, liking checking the baby temperature but no they were more focus to distress a baby when he just got to sleep and not bothering to ring up stairs to communicate and then to get back on the phones on the wards reception.

Don't get me started on the food, the deserts and the starters and side were the same every lunch and tea every single day!

I can write more but it's not worth my time and energy. I would firmly recommend to go to another hospital just to the fact that the hospital is a joke, but expect some really nice midwives.

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