"I do not understand who had control over my referral"

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(as the patient),

this might sound a long story but i have to explain tot background to help you relate with my current situation.

I have been wanting to have an investigation for my back related problem. Was advised to go to physio over 2months ago and did a self referal. I was then getting appointment after 2 months with the NHS physio so had to go for private physio. Since the pain was not getting better the physio gave a letter for my GP for it to be further investigated by an ortho. My GP did a referal after a lot of reluctance and told me i should recieve a letter within 4 weeks stating that my referal has been recieved and i should call the number to book an appointment. Meanwhile asked me to continue with pain killers and physio if it helps.

However its been 6 weeks now but there is no such communication i received. On checking with the surgery they say the follow up told them i already have a physio appointment? this physio appointment i had taken was 2 months back before any ortho referal was even discussed and had not cancelled after my private sessions thinking if i have to continue physio i rather would do NHS and not spend more money privately. But, now the surgery tells me that is the info they got from some central locomotive desk where all physio's are registered and they do the appointments.

I fail to understand why my referal is going for a physio when i need to see an orthopeadic. I discussed with the GP in my surgery who told me she cant to anything about the referal which was done by another GP month back but can do a second referal for me. I was told my orthopeadic consultation will have to go through the physio as a procedure and the GP's cannot do anything??? I confirmed if she is in agreement that i need to see a ortho to which she said yes. then why is my referal going to a physio and not a orthopeadic doctor or a hospital? I do not understand who had control over my referral.. my GP..Physio or myself?

Because the GP insisted its the physio who wuld have received my referal and history, i spoke to the physio ( NHS). He was surprised and told me he has not received any letter about my past private physio sessions or even the letter which the private physio gave. he has not recived any referal from my GP. If i have to see an ortho my GP should refer me for ortho.. he cannot do so unless he has a few sessions or sees the history. i have been going in circles not understanding whats going on.

can anyone help? I am frustrated with the GP and also yesterday i gathered through nhs helpline i should have been given the information about choose and book system which would have given me control. But, my GP fails to agree and said they use it only for diabetes. wasn't i even expected to know something like this exists?

Ultimately its been more than 3 months has i am suffering with pain and still have no direction what is going on.

Please help

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