"Great doctors in the Northern General A&E and plastics"

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(as a friend),

Over easter I took my friend to the Northern General A&E after she received an injury to her face. I drove us there and found it really easy to get parked. Once in A&E it seemed quiet, there was no once queue at the reception so we went up to the window. There was someone sat there but they did not acknowledge us until after a conversation with their colleague about what days they had taken off. I found this quite rude and it didn't give us a very good first impression.

Once the receptionist had finished their conversation they took our details. My friend had split her lip almost straight through but she had to answer a number of questions to 'update their records', such as her current occupation, next in kin etc. She was struggling to talk and had had a shock so I do not think she needed to answer some of the less important questions right there and then. As we waited around two hours to been seen the receptionist could have given us the option to fill them in ourselves whilst we waited.

We really needed a drink as we had come straight to hospital after the accident but all the vending machines in A&E were out of order which was a bit of a pain and we were worried to go on the hunt for a working one in case we missed being called in.

Once we were called though to the minor injures unit we were seen by a friendly female doctor who introduced herself and looked at my friends face. As the cut went through her lip line she asked a colleague for a second opinion and they agreed my friend needed to go to plastics to have it stitched up carefully and reduce scaring.

We then went up to plastics and waited a while in the waiting room. My friend was called through to have her lip stitched. I didn't go with her but she said the doctor was excellent, she had to have three stitches and the doctor made sure that her lip line matched up perfectly. The doctor even took one out and put it in again as she wanted it to be perfect. She made my friend feel at ease and the confident that her lip was stitched up as well as it could be.

Afterward she was given painkillers, antibiotics and some cream to reduce the scaring. The took the stitches out a bit early to make sure that they didn't scar and now you can barely see a mark

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