"Made to feel foolish in accident and emergency"

About: Northern General Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as the patient),

I felt i would like to share my bad experience at A&E at the northern general today.

Last week i started to experiance some numbness in my lower right leg I thought it must be maybe related to a problem with my back but decided just to try and cope with it at home. However when waking this morning I realised the numbness had spread in to my butocks and and down the backs of both legs I also noticed that I was slapping my right foot on the floor as I walked. The numbness then started to spread into my gential area.

This being the case I thought the best thing to do would be to go to A and E because this was obviously not a normal way to feel. In the end I was seen by a junior doctor who examined me I told him I had had some pain in my back and related it to the numbness. He said he would have to go away and look up a diagnosis on the computer and then came back and said there was nothing wrong with me and I should go home as it was not an emergency and take cocodomol.

I said I didn't think having a numbness was normal at all and so he went off to consult his registrar and then came back and said my registrar says the same thing and the only thing we can offer you is a rectal examination! (obviously said just to make me shut up and go home).

I decided i had no faith in someone who had to look my symptoms up on the computer and then came back and said there was nothing wrong with me so I just left. On the way home I felt so upset that I had been made to feel foolish and a time waster. This Junior Doctor has absolutly no bedside manner and a very elevated opinion of himself.

I am now at home the pain has got worse and the numbness had spread and this is not normal at all. I have been made to feel as if my symptoms are all in my head and that I am an idiot. It is no wonder people are afraid to visit the doctor.

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