"My riding accident"

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(as the patient),

I had a bad riding accident in July 2008 which I broke my leg and ankle, nerve damage on ankle with the loss of feeling in 3 toes, plus back trouble.

I had screws put into the ankle then had a cast put on. I had to have that removed as my leg got infected from a gash from the accident, had a window put in so i could change the dressing on the leg. After 6 weeks the cast came off leg I had another x-ray and my leg was still broken.

The consultant said they could do no more.

The second consultant said they would fix it by putting a rod in then they changed their mind and told me to walk on it... Very painful, by this time I was feed up with the service and having to keep going back to them.

They then took the screws out of the ankle in Oct 08 and I couldn't walk at all, I was in constant pain with no help at all!

Went back to them to sort it out as by then I lost my job, horses and felt like killing myself...

Then I told the consultant that I wanted another consultant to see me.

Under the third consultant, so far I have had keyhole surgery to get rid of the scar tissue damage. I had a heart attack from the stress of it all and I’m now on tablets for it. I am now waiting to have some sort of operation to fix it.

I phoned again today and told I will have to wait 6 months before I will be seen again due to being on heart tablets!

This is a list of what’s wrong with me now starting with my ankle:

Ankle not set right can not walk properly on it

*Leg not healed properly

*Pins and needles in leg

*Muscle weakness as well

*Nerve damage still

*Ligament damage from not walking properly.

*Both hips and pelvic floor have rotated.

*Severe pains in my back going up into shoulder and my neck.

My good leg is taking the strain of it all and I’m having muscle problems too. I did have physio but not until 10 weeks of not walking

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