"Poor Treatment "

About: Sheffield PCT

(as the patient),

I wish to express my upset and concern about the GP I saw today is was not my normal GP, what follows is in my opinion what happened. The GP was very cold and unapproachable. I felt the manner was very harsh towards me and when I was examined it was very rough.

I had gone to the GP with swollen glands, sore throat, congested nose and ear ache, expressing that I had only just got my voice back after losing it for two days. I explained that I thought it may be sinusitis or something similar and just wanted to make sure it wasn't an infection.

I was asked why I was concerned about sinusitis and why I felt that was an emergency. I explained that I didn't feel it was an emergency and couldn't get an appointment with my own GP for 4 weeks. I also expressed to my upset about this fact.

The GP initially didn't have equipment to examine me to hand and said that it had been had left it in his car boot from an earlier appointment that day and went to get it, came back and proceeded to look at my throat and felt my glands.

A wooden stick was shoved down my throat to the point that my gag reflex kicked in. And during the examination of my glands the GP really pressed hard on my neck and throat area, even though I had said this was painful, it still continued. The GP didn't check my ears or nose, diagnosed a virul infection and told me to take paracetamol and drink plenty of water.

The diagnosis is not my upset, Im happy that its just viral infection, but I am not happy how it made me feel. I felt I was an inconvenience on the GP's time and it was made very clear that I shouldn't have seen a GP about this.

I was asked if that was it at the end of my appointment and I replied with Yes. If I had had anything else I was worried about I wouldn't even think about discussing this with this GP. I hope this GP is addressed as soon as possible as I feel they are in the wrong profession.

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