"My Wifes Death"

(as a carer),

My wife was suffering from Severe Post Natal Depression / Perinatal Psychosis and was under the care of the ' Crisis Team' from a local mental health trust as well as the primary care trust.

My wife ended her life in April of this year.

I cannot give details of her case due to the investigations and proceedings that are now underway but I wanted at this point to put a posting on this site for others to read and take notice of.

As a warning to any sufferers or carers out there, here are the NHS NICE Guidelines and policy frameworks for this condition -

1. Women suffering from severe post natal depression or peuperal psychosis should be admitted and treated in a specialist mother and baby unit: this is the only recommended way to treat this illness.

2. According to the latest (2009) update on depression there is no clinical evidence to support the use of “Home Care”- it specifically mentions in the update that there is no change to the previous recommendations that treatment should be in a specialist mother and baby unit. It also mentions in the report the only benefit of 'Home Care' is a cost saving to the NHS!

3. As ‘Carer’ for someone being treated under ‘Home Care' you should:

A) Be provided with written information

B) Have an assessment of capabilities performed and be advised (in writing) of the support that is available to you from the various local agencies.

C) Be included in the daily “risk assessment” and case management reviews.

I am really concerned about whether these guidelines were kept to in the case of my wife and will be taking a part in the investigations that are now underway.

When these have been completed I will be able to do a further posting about my experiences and what I feel has been learnt for the benefit of others.

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