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"Difficulty getting an appointment for stomach pain"

About: Sunderland Royal Hospital

(as the patient),

For the past 6 months i have had abdominal pains. They stated it was gallstones (at the age of 20), a miscarriage, lactose intolerant, gall bladder infection.. and many many more. I've had two tests (ultrasound and breath test). both came back negative. And now? I am still waiting for someone to turn around and tell me where to go from here.

I'm losing weight (not on my own according) and i can't get into University some days because of the pain (and the cold weather not helping the matter).

This is making me depressed. I cannot go outside without getting pain and having to come home early. I cannot go out with friends without getting pain. I cannot do anything i used to.

I was told i'm supposedly on a waiting list for a camera-down-the-throat, but have i heard anything back? No. Not even a mention of this camera. The GP states i have to get in touch with the hospital; the hospital state i have to get in touch with my GP. So what am i supposed to do?

Near enough 7 months of this pain and all i have been given is codeine and paracetamol, and no matter how many times i tell them i am still in pain, or that it's getting worse, they tell me to wait and take the medication. Does anyone know the side-effects of codeine? It 'bungs' you up. So this is causing my stomach to be aggravated even more! Taking laxatives is not helping the matter since my stomach is fighting with it.

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