"Traumatic experience"

About: Derriford Hospital / Cardiology

(as the patient),

Week before operation I went to see a doctor, at Derriford who basically said if you don’t have op you'll be dead by the end of summer. Left with that, I got ready for the operation date. Instructed to got to Clearbrook ward, caring etc. Next day operation day.

Went in in the early morning, out by mid afternoon. Intense care. Not much remembered apart from pain and being sick. Same day sent up to Clearbrook ward and that is when my nightmare began.

For 3 hours no nurse no doctor seen me, was wet with blood and hardly clothed. Doctor arrived early evening said take PPA if needed and that was that. Had meds an hour later, and again 4 hours later, no other contact, fell asleep wet, scared and regrets.

Next day they decided to take my drain out it looked like bleeding stopped. So a doctor and 2 nurses took it out. What followed will hurt me for the rest of my life.

It bled badly, doc said it will stop in a few mins, nurses disagreed. For the purpose of lack of respect to doctor and nurse, I was left there for 2 hours holding a bandage, losing pints of blood. Nurse would make me cough and blood go everywhere. Nurses won, doc lost. Registrar doc arrived and said he will sew me up. Taking chance of internal bleed, but don’t worry you'll get an x-ray in the next hour.

Laying back in bed wet with blood and lost blood, and mess everywhere, a nurse used a wet wipe that’s it. By early afternoon my family arrived to see me, asked nurse to tidy me up, you do it we're busy, so I did. 5 mins later I ended up in a state, heart was going mad. Again drips into me and no explanation. Still no x-ray. That night just layed there, wet dirty and scared. so scared.

Got told that night I’m unlucky. I might have infection and bleeding internal. Next day x-ray all ok, blood low all my levels was low and more tests etc. It was because I lost blood and was scared scared and was not important, that’s why I was ill.

That night I had to decide up to me to get out before I ended up worse. 6 days and they let me go. No advice no guidelines and no care. Before I move onto home. Points to note, telephone response nil, care on phone nil. Doctors and nurses fighting each other and using me as an example. And my blood was still there. 6 days in bed, twice new sheets and major bed sore.

When I got home I had no after care. My GP tried to do the best he could, didn’t know what exercises to do how to feel, nothing. Left with a major sore and night mares every night. Pain every day, not sure if my valve is ok nor my recovery will ever get better.

Conclusion of my stay, doctors different every hour, I didn't think the nurses wanted to agree with them. It felt like patients used as their weapons. Total confusion on what doctor was what. Food shocking, cleaning my blood up didn’t happen and care was nil. I’m shocked to be a part of NHS and will suffer for the rest of my life.

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