"Poor maternity care at Warrnigton"

About: Warrington Hospital

(as the patient),

Working for the NHS I know that I should really have shared my concerns earlier but as a new mother did not feel able. I attended the maternity unit in 2005 with suspected Obstetric cholestasis, after a scan i was told i would need to be induced the next morning and to arrive at 7.30. After a sleepless night I arrived at the maternity unit....they were not expecting me, i had been told that i was a matter of urgency but did not receive my first gel until 2.30pm. A number of times during the day i went to the nursing station and was told that i was speaking to the wrong midwife as they were post-natal not anti, all i needed was some reassurance and advice.

I can not fault my experience of labour ward, what caring and professional individuals they are. It is just a shame this is not continued in the post and ante natal care.

In the middle of the night still exhausted after the birth and effects of pethidine, my son wanted to be feed. I decided that I wanted to breastfeed.... I asked for support on how to get him to latch on and all I received was a midwife manhandling my breasts into my sons mouth. Needless to say he did not latch on and I did not know how to help him. After much trying I was given a syringe and told to hand express to feed my son.......this was not successful and my son continued to cry and I was exhausted. Fortunately the next morning there was a drop in session for breastfeeding mothers where I got the support I needed and valued. If breastfeeding is the preferred method then all midwives should be adequately trained to support mothers and babies. I found the night time staff particularly unhelpful when they were content to either let my son or myself cry all night. I could go on but chose not too.

When I have spoken to other mothers they also rate the maternity unit as poor, this has left me in the position where for future births I will choose to deliver at home or have a 6 hour discharge to get myself out of the hospital ASAP.

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