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"I have been a patient at this clinic all of my life"

About: Lordshill Health Centre

I have been a patient at this clinic all of my life ( but very seldom need to see a doctor) and for this reason decided to register my husband, but now wish i hadn't! First of all you are lucky if you can get past the rude and snotty receptionists and are able to get an appointment. My Husband has had an on going medical issue for over 5 years (which is the reason we made the initial appointment) and at the end of July we were sick of being fobbed of by the G.P, who instead of sending him for tests just kept upping the amount of pain relief he was on. Because of that we decided to register else where. Within 4 months of him being seen he was taken off the pain medication, which he had become addicted to and had caused a stomach ulcer! he was seen, treated and is doing well and most importantly not in pain any more! I wouldn't recommend this practice to anyone, the support staff are rude and his G.P just didn't seem to care.

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