"The terrible lack of care for elderly terminally ill patients in the Isle of Man"

About: Isle of Man Department of Health and Social Care

(as a relative),

My parents in law live in the Isle of Man in sheltered accommodation for the over 55's. My father in law suffers from COPD and is wheelchair bound and cannot shuffle more than a few steps with help. He relies on piped oxygen. He also suffers from Pleurisy which is currently under control. In addition he has a catheter, which is permanent, and a tear in his bowel which is leading to constant infections. He is, therefore incapable of doing anything for himself.

My mother in law, with whom he lives in a small one bedroom flat, has got lung cancer and recently underwent open surgery to remove the main tumour from her lung. Due to her exceedingly high blood pressure and the fact she now only weighs 6 stone she is unable to undergo any further treatment.

They do not own any property and have meagre savings.

They were recently assessed and told they do not qualify for any assistance whatsoever due to their joint pensions. However the cost for the carer who has to come in twice a day for an hour each time is £22/hour which is a total cost per month of £1320. Their pensions come to around £600/month. So after they pay for the carer and their rent they have nothing left. How can this be right?

I am desperate, the situation is getting worse. They do not seem to even qualify for a Macmillan nurse. I have tried talking to the social worker but all I managed to do was get the agreement that he should have an air mattress (which has yet to materialize)

They have worked hard all their lives and paid their tax.  They are both good people and to see them treated like garbage is extremely distressing to me and their son.

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