" danger dont share your prescribed medicines"

(as the patient),

when you are prescribed medicines, at a GPs, or a hospital, they are for YOU, you alone, you have been given them because they are suitable to your system and will give less side affects if at all. So don't share them out, or give them to anyone who tells you they are experiencing symptoms similar to your own,

Years ago about 15yrs, a friend of mine did this, thinking it would aid things, in fact it did not, as this person had not see a doctor or sought any medical help what resulted was this person collapsed at work, had a trip in a ambulance, had their stomach pumped but, eventually went into a semi coma condition, it turned out this person was allergic to these tablets, nearly resulted in them dieing.

so take your tablets, but never give them to people who ask or beg for them. Tell them that if things are so bad, go see their GP, to get their own prescribed medicine.

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