"Writing letters to complain"

About: St James's University Hospital

(as the patient),

okay, we have all received a letter to attend a hospital appointment. You prepare yourself the night before, organise transport, you attend to see the specialist, but its the nurses who show you to you room. I have had bolshy, bullying nurses, some kind ones, I used to write and complain over it but, I don't anymore because, I learned to stop and think.

I may be nice and make a good sense of humour of things, but, who did they sort out before me, a rude unwilling patient. It is those type of people who upset our doctors nurses, they are to help, aid, and relieve you of pain. We all have bad days, we have all at some taken it out on someone else, doctors and nurses are human, they get stressed too! Its just unfortunate some of us land with the out burst of the person who is doing it. You may think they are picking on you bullying but they are not, would any of you like to work in A&E for 20hrs, dealing with drunks, awkward patients, people who don't understand English, spoken to them, and cant express their problems. A fight, often a nurse or doctor gets injured. They are there to serve, to make you well, if they have bad days they are rude, they don't do intentionally, you’re not the target, I just let it go through one ear and out of the other. And, I would only write a letter of complaint if it was of a serious nature.

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