(as the patient),

I have had enough of Britain's obsession with finding cancer cures, and ignoring other life ruining/killing diseases.

I have uncontrollable epilepsy (2 already today) and I see my neurologist only 2 times a year for 10 minutes. I have to wait until October till I can enquire about stem cell therapy, which the NHS doesnt offer. I will have to pay for private treatment.

The UK's treatment for those suffering this condition is TERRIBLE compared to other countries including Switzerland, Germany and USA.

Any developments are done abroad, e.g. non-invasive brain surgery in Switzerland, and there are only 2 centres in the UK to help support those on the ketogenic diet, compared to 99 in Germany.

I understand cancer to be a fatal disease. I lost my great aunt and a friend due to cancer, and great effort into research must be done. However, I think its time much more effort should be put towards finding treament for other diseases. There are at least 425,000 people in teh UK suffering epilepsy, and 1000's die every year.

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