"Horrible Experience with Scan"

About: West Middlesex University Hospital / Gynaecology

(as the patient),

I had a scan there a few months ago. Truly unpleasant experience for me. I was suffering from horrible ovary pain and my GP sent me for immediate scan.

First the technician told me off for not drinking enough. I felt like she was really unfriendly and rude. She refused to exam me and sent away.

After begging reception for another appointment on the same day I managed to get the slot 2 hours later. After 'topping up' I was in even worst pain from my bladder. Once called by the same technician to the examination room I learned that they don't have me signed in for ovaries but for kidneys! Luckily I managed to convince them to have a look at my ovaries anyway, but felt like I'm really wasting their time. After not being able to see anything they ordered me to go to the toilet and opted for internal scan, I wonder why it didn't happened in the first instance.

My relief didn't last long as it was the most awful experience in my life. I had internal scans done plenty of times, but this one was truly bizarre. In my opinion they simply had no idea how to use the device and more frightening that they are examining the most delicate parts of woman's body! It lasted almost 40 minutes to start with and was the most intimidating, painful and unpleasant medical exam I had in my life.

I understand that people have better or worst days, patients can be rude and life sometimes sucks in general, but I think it is no excuse whatsoever for some staff to treat people this way.

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