"Human Rights Abuse"

About: Royal Edinburgh Hospital

(as the patient),

Even when my Consultant was told at my front door that I was recommended to change consultant by a judge, he continued to request the police break down my door.

Even when I was trying to secure assistance from a family member living 5 minutes away, he would not wait outside my front door. Due to a s35 warrant signed by a justice of the peace who had never seen me, the police x2, my consultant and my social worker refused to respect my wishes.

They claimed they wanted to chat. As soon as they had entry by putting in my front door, I was taken handcuffed to a police car - having done nothing wrong. My door was then left open to whomsoever attended the scene - I did not know them from Adam.

I was then taken to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and sectioned. In my view my human rights were completely abused by the justice of the peace signing away my rights without my ability to represent myself or organise someone to represent me. Furthermore, I can only do so "on appeal" rather than prima facia. My right to freedom of expression was not respected. My right to privacy was not respected. My right to not be deprived of liberty was not respected.

In my opinion at the Appeal hearing, I was not allowed to speak even with my citing the human rights act and article 6. At the CTO hearing I was allowed to speak having specifically requested this in documentation. However, my consultant had refused me access to a computer the day before the hearing as a pass, even although I had four hour passes and weekend passes and a week pass over Xmas, with no issues arising.

The day of the CTO hearing I managed to get off ward to a computer and emailed 4 documents for the hearing arriving at about 11.30 am. The hearing was at 2.00 pm. My documents did not reach the Chairperson, nor lay representatives for the hearing and I only had copies of one document sent by email to give at the 2.00 pm hearing.

My human rights were abused by my Consultant and this I feel is consistent with his conduct towards me over 8 years. The Mental Care and Treatment (Scotland) Act 2003 requires non-discriminatory practises, reciprocity and other principles - none, I feel are afforded to me.

I have now moved area, which means a change of consultant, however, I am worried that my medical records are so misconstrued as to be falsely recorded.

My consultant is also required to provide me with a report for a court case for personal injury - he is refusing to do so because he normally liaises with a solicitor acting for me, in my case I am both the patient and litigant in person.

My case has been delayed for 6 years because of what I feel is his nonsense and he is effectively obstructing/perverting the course of justice and is acting in complicity with judge and respondents' solicitors on the case.

Whilst I was generally treated well by staff at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, they are not autonomous. I did say to a nurse "Oi clothears" to which I was told I was "rude". I said, you can hear clothears but you can't hear "human rights abuse" ... My suggestion is that the Mental Welfare Commission become a department of the Human Rights Commission ...

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