"What about holistic care?"

About: Chelsea & Westminster Hospital / Maternity care

(as the patient),

I started my antenatal care referred late by the GP. I was very anxious towards slightly unexpected pregnancy, especially my fainting issue. I was reassured by the first midwife who saw me, that it would not happen.

With the progress of the pregnancy I noticed pains, cramps and increasing difficulty in walking; the next midwife I saw did not pay any attention to what I was saying. I was told the doctor wouldn't help me, when I requested to see one.

When the cramps became too hard to bear, I was allowed to see the doctor in the clinic on the 3rd floor and told those were contractions, as I suffer on 'irritated uterus'. In the meantime, my difficulty in walking increased.

When 36 weeks pregnant, I had to go on early maternity leave as the difficulties became worse and I could only shuffle my feet on short distances. The midwife did not allow me to see a doctor again. I was sent for a baby scan instead; fortunately, it proved the baby was fine. I returned with the results to the midwifes station and was very upset, I told them how could that be all fine as they write in my book as I literally can't walk anymore - in summary, I received a doctor's appointment at 36/37 week pregnant. The doctor in a matter of minutes diagnosed me with Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction.

At present, I am 38 weeks and counting. Walking is close to impossible. I called multiple times, was advised to drink water for my problem, I was even referred to physiotherapist - to whom appointment would take about 2 weeks. Today I have injured my leg even further, standing badly and pulling muscles. Again, I am unable to request doctor's appointment for prescribing painkillers; I am one of the unlucky people who don't tolerate paracetamol.

I am not looking forward to the delivery date at Chelsea and Westminster hospital. I am worried after these experiences of meeting ignorant and patronising staff. Only today I was explicitly told that they are there only to look after a baby. What about a pregnant woman, carrying a baby? Looks like holistic care that should be delivered by healthcare staff is not something you can expect at Chelsea and Westminster. I have spend so many months worrying about the baby when I had the cramps and couldn't walk, being denied to see a doctor.

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