"Dismissive Neurologist"

About: West Suffolk Hospital / Neurology

(as the patient),

I was supposedly "reviewed" by a Neurologist at West Suffolk Hospital in Dec 2009. I have never been so disgusted by a health professional in all my life. I witnessed my notes going into the consultants room a whole 5 minutes before he saw me, thus unless he has speed reading skills I am quite certain my medical history was not given due attention that I feel it should have. The entire consultation lasted 6 minutes, I felt like there was no attempt to gage a context to my recent symptoms (fatigue) and certainly no examination.

In fact I went into the room confident of the condition I had having seen letters written by other consultants from the same hospital confirming this, to come out of the room dazed and confused by the clinical diagnosis I had just received. I was under the illusion that I had been to see a neurologist and not a psychologist because according to him my symptoms are purely related to depression thus his recommendation was to medicate me to the hilt on various antidepressants. The question asked to ascertain my mental health status was, "how do you feel about going to the cinema?!" It seems that apparently my answer of, "it depends on the film, genre, etc", constitutes a clinical diagnosis of depression no less.

This "opinion" is now attached to my medical records, possibly for life and needless to say I'm less than happy with this diagnosis. It has caused me so much distress that I now feel like I will not go near a health professional or hospital, something I never feared before. I hope that going to the cinema is not a basis for a clinical diagnosis of depression.

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