"There is a hell, and its a lot closer to you..."

About: Miranda House

I was recently admitted to the unit following an attempt to take my own life. I think it is fair to say that on admission I thought I had reached rock bottom. I was wrong. Being a patient here for a week only served to exacerbate my intense feelings of hopelessness and suicidal ideation. Despite being told part of my 'treatment' would involve having a one to one talk with a key worker every day during my admission, the only time any staff ever interacted with me was when I was called to get to get my medication or when they told me it was meal time. The few staff that you did see about the ward showed a complete lack of interest in the majority of the patients there. Having read the other reviews that have been left here I can only echo their own experiences. The vast majority of the staff couldn't care less about the patients, a fact that is abundantly clear. I honestly question why on earth they have gone into a profession where empathy, compassion and care are imperative to successful patient treatment. They are clearly in the wrong profession. On days when I was struggling I informed them as such and was basically told to distract myself and/or to 'cope'. Not once did they ask what was wrong, why I was so distressed, ask me if I wanted to talk about it...nothing. They just left me to it on my own while they carried on their day laughing amongst themselves, chitchatting, singing and whistling as they wondered round, completely ignoring mine and I'm the other patients' suffering. Initially I thought that it was just me that was experiencing this, that I had somehow upset them or that they had something against me, but having talked to several of the other patients that were also there I'm sorry to say it wasn't just me at all. As well as the diabolical every day staff on the ward, there is also the wards consultant who you meet in your CPA meeting. They are such a good doctor that doesn't need to listen to you, your family or you care worker with regards to what your next step of treatment should be - because despite the fact they have never met you before, they already know exactly what is best for you, based on their extensive knowledge of several official health guidelines and research that has been done, because clearly every patient with a certain diagnosis is exactly the same and therefore requires the same treatment, even if it means discharging you when you still have plans to kill yourself?!? In short they are an arrogant person who cares far more for their own reputation than any poor sod that's admitted here. I have suffered with my problems for 20 years and had as many inpatient treatments in my life, but Avondale is by far the WORST place I have ever had the misfortune of encountering. My heart literally breaks for those who have yet to experience this place, who go in as I did hoping to find help, not a miracle cure but just a little hope or someone to really listen to them would suffice but here it doesn't exist. Quite simply this place should be shut dow

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