"This is not a helpful walk-in centre"

As I live near Southampton but am currently working in Farnham, I used the NHS website to locate a walk-in centre. The purpose of my visit was to have stitches removed from my head, which were as a result of a dermatologist in Southampton removing a skin cancer lesion from my scalp.

Sadly, I have to report that after my 40 minute drive from Farnham, the reaction I received from the staff at the reception desk was nothing short of hostile. They told me quite bluntly that they couldn't help, as they were far too busy and I would need to make an appointment. I did question whether they were in fact a 'Walk-in' centre as I needed help that day. Go and see your own GP was the terse reply to that. I was somewhat annoyed and disappointed by the whole experience but still needed to find someone who could help that day. I checked the NHS website again and called the number for the walk-in at Weybridge. Their response on the phone couldn't have been more different, I explained my situation and they where more than accommodating. After arriving, I sat in the waiting area for just over an hour, when I was called to a treatment room whereupon the nurse checked the wound for infection, removed the sutures and sent me on my way. So the moral of the story is this; if you have the need for more than a couple of Aspirin or a sticking plaster don't go to

Haslemere without an appointment, or the staff will verbally scald you and send you packing.

Story from NHS Choices

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