"Day care nevre again at this hospital"

About: Spire Southampton Hospital

I went in as a day patient for an operation. I was told that there has been some developments in the day care accommodation, when I got there to my horror I saw what is meant by accommodation , these are about 1.5 m wide slots/ bays/ cubicles very similar to the space you get when you go to A & E units at the NHS, with a curtain for a door way. I could hear all what is said all around me, the nurses chatting, private conversation with other patients the lot. of course you cannot make a telephone call ( too much noise) but there is a TV on the wall, I cannot imagine how noisy the place would have been if any one had put their TV on. Oh and shared toilets . this is a private hospital, I was very anxious about my operation and i was on my own, I needed a place to relax before and after the op. and I expect that in a private hospital. The hospital's communication regarding my treatment and my questions which I put to them before the operation was not great, this added to my anxiety . The nurses where smiley and friendly but I was not once asked if I needed help in dressing before or after the op. The doctor who did the op. was great they answered all my questions and put me at ease. explained how I will feel after the op etc. Non of that was done by the nurses. and one more thing , if you read the negative reviews on this hospital you will soon find out they either they did not get any reply or they all got the same standard reply (copy and paste one), that is how much this hospital cares about patients opinion. and about their patients welfare, I personally will never have any day treatments or otherwise with is hospital and would not recommended to any one. Remember in private hospitals in this country they cannot cater for serious complications in these cases you will be transferred to the NHS, they dont need to provide A & E that is done by our NHS, and the insurance in this country is happy to take your money but they are not always happy to deliver, any cornice illness you will be sent to the NHS, GP is also paid by NHS, medicine either you pay or NHS. when it matters It is our NHS. the Private hospitals making more money for less and less.

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