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About: Child and adolescent mental health (Southwark)

(as a parent/guardian),

My child and I had a wonderful experience at CAMHS. From day 1, my child's practitioner and the team coordinator were very receptive and worked with professionalism and great care.

We were in very good hands with one of their female practitioner and my child went from disastrous mood to happy again, helping her to regain self-confidence after some family trauma.

However after this  practitioner left CAMHS, the psychiatrist which was now dedicated to my child did not respected the plan made with her amazing predecessor, and changed everything which was previously agreed, they applied new rules of meeting without consulting us, and confronted me in front of my family on our first meeting.

I kept a low profile for weeks so my child could develop new communication with a member of our family again in the safe environment of the CAHMS. However, after months of taking care of my child on my own, I felt neglected as the principal carer parent by the psychiatrist behaviour and attitude. They were not responding to my calls. Or only once because I was chasing them.

I have only once been kept updated on the progress of the sessions with my child, and the psychiatrist did not wanted to communicate with me other than by letter post only for confirming new appointment. I still kept a low profile to ensure nothing will interrupt my child treatment. My child did not felt any progress anymore, and became distressed to go back to CAMHS with this Psychiatrist. Then this psychiatrist revealed confidential information, which I formally requested to be kept confidential. This has been the breaking point of our trust in their work.

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