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"No care just a number."

About: Sunderland Royal Hospital

First of all had operation 6th September, everything was ok till I was sent to ward 33C I begged for pain killers and still didn't get them. The nurse was rude and very unhelpful I asked to be discharged ASAP and I was. One less patient they couldn't be bothered with. I went to my GP Monday, as I have suffered for over a week with pain in one side of my head they were very concerned and telephoned the on call maxillofacial they explained everything they said they would call the surgeon and get back to them. They telephoned back after several hours of waiting and their attitude was the doctor who operated said they had to send a letter for a new patient, again confused I am I am still under their care. My GP was not happy with this they telephoned several departments as they were worried with the lack of concern. The following day they called the head and neck doctor and was told the surgeon was in theatre they would call when they done their morning theatre list this never happened. I called back myself the following day and was told they were on holiday and had been away from the trust the secretary who spoke with my GP lied. The trust couldn't go out of their way to let my doctor know very rude. I received a telephone call from oral maxillo secretary Wednesday,saying the doctor would see me Thursday but they would be unable to help or say anything I told them it was ok as I had appointment with other consultant Friday, they were rude and slammed phone down. I have been to clinic today and both consultants were there with other doctors. I refused to see them as at the beginning of the week I had been refused and ignored and not taken seriously. I will not allow your secretary's to tell lies, and I won't allow your medical team to ignore my on going concerns and problems.

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