"utterly dreadful experience"

About: Birmingham Midland Eye Centre

upon arrival i was advised that from registration to discharge waiting time likely to be u to 4 hours- thats fine. receptionist was abrupt, tutted. waited 3 hours for triage nurse, they were dispassionate, rude, curt, uncaring - i could go on. i was in a great deal of pain my eye was streaming i was never even offered a tissue just told to 'sit, shut the door' i had been bathing my eye every 30 mins at home i had sat for nearly 4 hours unable to do this. i could not read the letters as they asked because i could not keep my eye open, this irritated them, i was becoming distressed, although did not wish to make a fuss in such an uncaring environment. after a cursory 2 minute triage session where they did not at any time even look at me or my eye i was told to go back into the waiting room containing at least 60 people with no seats for a further 3-4 hours. i repeated what i had been told at registration about total waiting time being up to four hours from registration to discharge, triage nurse said 'well you just go with that then' at this point i burst into tears at the prospect of having to stay there for a possible total of 4 hours without being seen, assessed or given the basic glimpse of human kindness. aren't these people in this profession to care? i think not, but at least do not be rude, curt, cold, dismissive. I left the horrible place and have suffered for 6 days now, still unable to open my streaming eye. would i go back to go through that again? hell no

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