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About: Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

I was taken to emergency orthopaedic after a&e found a fracture on my spine. What a terrible experience I have had. Most of the day staff I came into contact with were very nice but this could not be said of most of the staff on night duty. Some staff were fine but many were rude and lacked any empathy with the patients. One nurse actually laughed at me when I enquired about a private room, they went on about this is a hospital not a hotel and just continued to smirk and laugh. They made me feel like a fool. They later denied this but i did not imagine it; this happened. Later they went for a ward manager when they heared me crying. They later apologised saying they didn't laugh I had misunderstood them, some misunderstanding if I can't tell when someone is laughing. The pain relief was just a joke, many patients waited up to two hours for morphine after asking for it, this mainly happened when night staff were on but sometimes it was a lenghty wait during the day. This was not an isolated incident it happened time and time again. The evening before I left i was told by the nurse I am too busy to give you morphine, you can have your general medication and I will come back. They came back two hours later after another patient had got out of bed and repeatedly informed staff I was in agony. I eventually had to buzz again and finally the medication was given. The same thing happened on the same night to the lady in the next bed to me. I waited over an hour for morphine, more than 7 times throughout my stay. I and others did mention this to the day staff who said it was unacceptable, but what if nothing is ever done. I was informed by a senior ward manager that the night before I was discharged the ward was short staffed and as morphine is administered by two nurses and the fact there were patients with dementia, it took a long time for patients to get pain relief. If you need morphine as well as tramadol and paracetamol, then you need it as soon as possible not one or two hours later. It is disgusting to witness patients shouting out in pain and nothing is done, my own pain was excruciating and I spoke to several patients who said they had been in the same position as myself. There is obviously a lack of qualified staff on the ward at night, why is this, when the same amount of patients are there and several admissions came in during the time I was there. Nothing ever seems to get done regarding matters like this, it's admirable having signs all over the wards and hospital telling people to complain but the same thing will be happening in six weeks or six months from now. I have been given conflicting advice about the wearing of my back brace after being discharged. I eventually had to contact salford royal where I will be seen in future, and they have given me the correct advice, wear it at all times whist weight bearing, different from advice I got from tameside.

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Response from Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

I am the Director of Quality and Governance at the Trust, Mr P. Weller and I am very sorry you have had cause to post these concerns regarding your experience at the hospital.

If you would like to contact me via the PALS & Complaints Team Support Officer, S Mosley on 0161 922 4466 I will ensure that a full investigation is put in place.

I have already spoken to the Assistant Chief Nurse regarding the wards and departments you have mentioned and she will address your concerns.

We are committed as an organisation to improve patient experience and it is unacceptable that you have been given conflicting information and advice and have had such a poor experience at the hospital.

Once again, please do contact us to provide your details so we can investigate for you rather than remaining anonymous.