"Doctors always late, kept waiting hours"

About: St. Margaret's Hospital / Urology

My mum has been going for appointments to St Margarets hospital Oak Unit for a procedure to look into her bladder for four years. Every time we have to wait for hours and hours because the nurse says exactly the same thing every time. This is about 15 minutes after arrival and the nirse says that the doctor hasn't arrived yet and must have been caught upon Harlow. They say it each time as if it is unusual thing, but it is normal. They get a dozen patients in and keep them waiting for hours until the doctor actually arrives. We've heard the same excuses ie that the doctors are no longer provided with transport. I was told last year by the nurse that this happens on a daily basis and they are told to say the same things. I think it is outrageous and completely misleading. Why not make the appointments later when the doctor is actually able to be there?One year, the registrar allowed a student to perform the procedure without even asking my mother first if it was ok. The registrar tried to reassure her by saying, 'don't worry, the student has been doing this all morning'. Well, we were so reassured to learn that! It is appalling to treat elderly people this way or indeed anyone. I do not recommend this hospital as apart from the above, there is no dignity. The nurse just requests ruins samples and information in front of other patients and although nurses may be hardened and immune from embarrassment, not all patients are. In particular elderly patients who need to be treated with dignity. It matters not that 'everyone is in the same boat' patients should be taken into a side room and matters discussed there and urine samples can be passed over in a private environment. Poor service and bad management. I'm surprised that the two machines are actually working as very often, we find out when we get there that one of the machines has been broken z week and the other has just broken down, 'we'll make a new appointment'. It is insulting to tell us the same bs every year and to insult our intelligence. Sort it out!

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