"arthritis problem with GP"

About: Greater Manchester

(as the patient),

Around three years ago started with severe pains in my hands stiffness and dropping things and weakness in my hands and I felt generally unwell tired my GP sent me for a scan on my hands but they could not find anything at the time I had another health problem a fistula on my breast that was constantly infected and the GP said that this was related to the problem in my hands. The consultant dealing with the fistula disagreed. the problem eased with time in my hands but returned last December but it was as bad in my feet and hands and some times my hips I returned to the GP and was signed off work blood tests revealed nothing untoward although I have a vitamin D deficiency I was treated for this and given pain killers and anti depressants as I was very emotional due to the unexplained pain and feeling very tired. This problem has continued since then I have been off work and at my wits end due to the life changing pains in my hands and feet the pain killers do not really help the anti depressants help me sleep the doctor said it is the depression thats causing the pain. I applied to see a doctor on a television programme who did ultra sound scans on my hands and found evidence of seronagative arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands a have canker sores in my mouth and cannot walk or properly or lift anything at the moment with out causing pain even with this knowledge I have to wait two weeks before I can see my GP I feel like a mithering person and other than increasing my anti depressants the GP has done nothing for me I told them I was down becasue of the pain and they told me the depression was causin the pain, I am close to losing my job and do feel with a referral to a specialist I would have avoided a lot of pain and heartache very disappointed with my GP.

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