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About: Leeds General Infirmary / Maternity care

I used the maternity services back in April when my son was born. After calling MAC to say my contractions were 1 minute apart lasting 40 seconds, I thought they would tell me to come in straight away. I was told in a class to call when they were 5 minutes apart lasting 1 minute. As my contractions had only started a few hours ago and it was my first pregnancy they told me the usual; take paracetamol have a bath. Rang up 10 minutes later as I knew something was happening and was told no and to stay at home longer, unless I really couldn't cope. I didn't want to seem like I was over reacting or exaggerating but I felt like I was in a lot of pain , I also wanted to know how far I had dilated and didn't care if I got sent home. After arriving at MAC the midwife was in no hurry to see me. After finally getting examined they say "oh your 8cm, Ill take you straight round to delivery!" They kindly asked me if I wanted a water birth, which at that point didn't know what I wanted but persuaded me to try it as I could always get out! They then handed me over to the delivery midwife and student midwife, they got me in the water and set the gas and air up, I laboured for only an hour in the pool and out he popped! Thank god I didn't listen to the MAC midwife or my partner would of ended up delivering our baby at home! But credits to them for suggesting a water birth! The student midwife was absolutely brilliant, they tied my hair up for me when my partner didn't have a clue, they also stayed on past their shift ending as I managed to hit shift changeover half way through to see the birth through, they held a mirror under the water and told me when the head was crowning and what colour his hair was, as well as catching my baby as I didn't realise he was coming out when he did! I wish I knew their name but thank you so much as you made my labour a wonderful experience! There were no beds on the postnatal ward for a while so I got to stay in the delivery room for a good few hours which was lucky because it was nice and private. I then got moved to the antenatal room for about 20 minutes until there was a bed on the postnatal. The staff on the postnatal ward were fabulous all of them! There were lots of student, as well as midwives and maternity support workers. They helped me whether I asked for help on breastfeeding to check the latch and check my timings. And I am still exclusively breastfeeding nearly 5 months on so they did a good job! I had a lovely birth, although I would advise any expecting mums to trust their instincts, I am so glad I went in when I did as the baby may of came at home or in the taxi and my partner would not of had a clue what to of done! Fast labours can happen to first time mums too! A big thank you to everyone at LGI maternity services

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