"Mixed reviews depending on staff there"

About: Bedford Hospital NHS Trust

Firstly I would like to say that although the NHS is at times flawed, on the whole, staff are very good despite the long hours and terrible pay. So I am sympathetic. However, and I'm sure every member of the public has experienced at one time or another, nurses that can be very brusque with little or no empathy. I visited several times recently.The first time, as soon as I had been taken to the ward, the head nurse, came over to my family and I, introduced them-self in a bright and friendly manner and assuring me they would take care of me.I was seen immediately and I have to say, all the staff that night were great. However, fast forward to my most recent visit (yesterday) and it was a very different story. I arrived by ambulance and after being put in a room, the nurse who initially approached, didn't introduce them-self, didn't look me in the eye and just waved to the ambulance people where they should leave me. They then proceeded to argue for half an hour as the nurses said they weren't expecting me, when asked for pain relief they have to wait for the doctor in order to prescribe anything. Over 7 hours I asked for pain relief and was fobbed off. There is a long list of actions I felt were inappropriate but the main point I wish to make is that staff should understand that sometimes when patients arrive they may be scared, in a lot of pain, frustrated etc. This is not helped when staff are unhelpful, refuse to offer pain relief and tell you the classic 'the doctor is see you next' tô the 'they had to go for an emergency " when asking 2 hours later if you were still 'next". I had to leave in the end when i was told they would have to remove my hot water bottle, which was the only thing I had to help with the pain. That was my breaking point.

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