"Rude Maternity Assesment Unit nurse"

About: St James's University Hospital / Maternity care

I rang the maternity assessment unit on Sunday 21st August at 5.15pm due to having contractions that were 10minutes apart. I was asked if I could take a bath and relax before coming in but I told the nurse that I was pretty sure I was in established labour and would prefer to attend the maternity Assesment unit to get checked and sent home if needed. I arrived at the maternity Assesment ward at 6pm and was greeted by a nurse that was visibly stressed and rude. They informed me that I have to wait in the public waiting area outside the ward as there was no room on the ward. I stated to the nurse that my contractions were very intense and by this point 3 minutes apart. They said "unfortunately there's no room at the moment can I wait outside" . As I was waiting 2 couples were also told to wait in the waiting area. I was literally leaned over the sink in this area making moaning noises as I was in labour. I felt very vulnerable, distressed and embarrassed. I buzzed the ward and asked for a nurse to speak to me. Again the nurse allowed me through the door and as I stated I needed a bed ASAP they very rudely said to me that she is trying to clean up a bed and I need to wait. I then told them my contractions were 1 minute apart and I'm not prepared to wait in a public area on my tip toes in agony. They finally got me a side room and opened the door and stormed off. I had to quickly get my partner to go and find some kind of help as I needed to push. He had to run around finding some kind of help. A nurse come none the wiser as to the situation and wanted to check me over and then was convinced I was really in labour. There was a panic to get a wheelchair and I was rolled into the delivery suit off the ward opposite the labour ward past the maternity Assesment unit with just a sheet scrunched up covering my private area past the public waiting area. As I got into the labour room I literally had to push and 3 pushes later my baby was here.

My baby did a pooh in the womb which should show was distressed and that thought is scary. I arrived at 6pm at the maternity Assesment unity and had my baby at 6.26pm. So it was very fast. However the nurse at the maternity Assesment unit made my experience very distressing by being rude and impersonal. I was in extreme pain and was humiliated by having to be in full labour outside a ward I should of been seen on immediately. I feel the care from the nurse at the maternity Assesment unit was awful. I literally was left to beg for help. Very poor professional judgement by someone that should be on the look out to assess accordingly. I am just happy my baby arrived safe an sound.

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