"Very concerned"

About: Northwick Park Hospital

A and e was outstanding clean very friendly staff same as crick ward I couldn't fault them at all. However once my dad was moved on to Byrd ward it went drastically down hill. The first day dad was there his nurse was lovely they really looked after him and explained to me all what was happening ect but from then on the nurses didn't care. I raised concerns because my dad went from being completely coherent to so confused he was unaware I was even there. I found him in the corner of the main entrance completely unaware of where he was and what he was doing. I informed the dc this isn't normal and I'm very concerned.it's 3 days on now and they have still not checked why he had that level of confusion.let's hope his not had a mild stroke or something.for 3 days iv been asking to speak to his dc only to be told his unavailable come in the next day. I also mention to the nurses that my dad is in pain in his legs and is getting cramps in both legs and his hands.the 2 nurses looked at me like I was an alien so I had to say can someone check him.the nurse said we'll it depends why his getting them.....I said ummm that's not my job to find that out surly.that concern was not looked in to either no pain relief was given it wasn't even passed on to the dc. So anyway today iv gone there to find my dad sitting at the end of his bed blood all over his sheets all down his pj's his top was so wet from blood I could wring it out. He had caught his canula on his jumper and pulled it out.they had stopped the bleeding.but just left him sitting there covered in blood. They only changed the bedding because I said what the heck is going on here this is disgusting. I'm really concernd how they are treating very vulnerable people. My dad's just waiting for a care package to be put in place as he can no longer manage alone.he said to a nurse that he didnt want to be there.the good caring nurse adviced him to discharge himself then. Knowing he can't look after himself. I will be making a complaint first thing tomorrow morning. I'm disgusted. I take my hat of to nurses they have a very difficult job to do I'd never normally say something over little things but when my dad has gone from normal to laying on his bed dribbling unaware of anything around him I'd say that should have been looked on to immediately.

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