"my time at detox"

I thought the place was nice and clean and the staff were pleasant. I had waited for two years for a chance of detoxing here, had sorted out with BAC 'O' Conner rehabilitation center which i was going to the weekly meetings there for 9 months. I would if gone straight to rehab after the detox , as had been planned! Unfortunately i had to sign myself out/discharge myself after two days due to unbearable, unimaginably painful withdrawal symptoms, i had told the nurses of this wed 8pm and nothing was done about it, 3.30pm the next afternoon, after 19hrs i had waited awake hoping for medication to relieve the excruciating pain, still nothing was done so i had no choice but to discharge myself,- this also voids the rehab which as stated above, i had worked towards for 9 months.......... Very very disappointed with the whole thing.

It has put me off any 'professional help' route about getting me rehabilitated from heroin addiction, i'll do it myself, i know i wont leave myself ill like that for sure anyway.


I could of stayed at home, it was pointless.

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