"What went wrong"

About: Queen's Hospital, Burton Upon Trent

Wasn't sure wether to write this as was months ago but here goes it... After seeing GP with my 3 year old as concerned about her breath holding at night we were sent straight to Burton as GP watched videos I had taken on phone and was concerned. Were sent straight to children's ward as were expecting us. No wait around seen straight away my consultant and junior . Polite however worrying. Shows videos and ran over all issues that had been going on. Consultant wasn't worried and within 5mins if that we were sent on way. I asked if they wanted to keep my daughter in over night to monitor as she may seem fine now however problems occur at night when asleep. I explained I was worried so much I couldn't sleep as had to watch her to make sure she was ok. Consultant assured me not to worry and they didn't want her in as more of a risk she could pick something up off ward which wouldn't be fair. I said fair enough but can I ask.... It couldn't be sleep apnoea could it? The consultant laughed and said definitely not, very rare in children you have no need to think that. So away I went and weeks of hell. Same repeated night after night to point I thought I was imagining things. Called ambulance one evening as couldn't bare it any more and was becoming too frequent. Taken to Good Hope as refused to go back to Burton. Well... Amazing treatment, listened understood, waited and witnessed. Sent to Heartland to HDU for night and saw ENT by 8am next morning. Sleep study arranged within 24 hours and handed back within 48 hours. Referred to Birmingham children's hospital as daughter has sleep apnoea! Wow, I diagnosed her myself yet laughed at by a consultant?! She stopped breathing 30 times in a 10 hour period the night of sleep study and had a moderate to severe heart rate fluxuation. Within 4 weeks her adenoids were removed at Birmingham Children's Hospital and monitored over night to be released next day and a healthy happy daughter that now breaths at night. I was made to feel neurotic here at Burton however was right to stick to my instincts and thank goodness I didn't give up

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