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About: James Paget University Hospital / Trauma and orthopaedics

Admitted 0630 hours 22/8/16 Ward 7 for left hip replacement. Expected to see the surgeon from clinic but another surgeon introduced themself. No prior information about them. After querying their background and experience I was asked if I wanted to proceed or alternatively cancel the operation (it had already been cancelled once by JPH). I would like to have been given the information and time to establish trust and confidence in the surgeon before they operated on MY body and not be put in a position where they, understandably, could feel offended. I know the consent form says any surgeon may carry out the procedure but that is not the point. I would like to see details of all surgeons, not just the consultants, on The JPH website so that prospective patients have access to background information before operation day. The surgeon did an excellent job and I am deeply grateful to them as I am to the anaesthetists, theatre staff and recovery staff. Excellent team of staff kept the the ward (Bay 4) spotlessly clean before visitors and trolleys brought in a fresh batch of germs that neutralised their efforts.If you have a policy of two visitors per patient please enforce it and not allow six visitors, including a child, as was the case for one patient. Children should not be allowed on orthopaedic wards. They are a danger to mobilising patients. Neither should outside trolleys of sweets/newspapers. Where's the infection control? The bay was cluttered with chairs, walking frames, tables etc and at times was difficult to negotiate on crutches. Taken on several trips in bed to X-ray department. Whoever "designed" this hospital should be shot. Corridors littered with parked trolleys and packages. Doors that have to be opened manually. Lifts that do not work. The building is a disgrace and should be demolished. The patience, good humour and skill of the porters in negotiating a route to X-ray was a wonder to behold. Had post-op lung infection and felt very unwell. Nevertheless was pressurised to get out of bed and get mobile as part of the enhanced recovery programme that is JPH policy. In practice this means my health is secondary to JPH cost savings. Consultant wanted me discharged home with antibiotics. Was glad to leave as next to me in the bay was a patient who clearly had issues other than orthopaedic ones and kept me awake every night. Was discharged home exhausted, nauseous and without having opened bowels for five days. Nausea and tiredness caused by Tramadol prescribed for pain relief. Second night home had violent projectile vomitting. Stopped taking the Tramadol so now am in pain but don't feel sick all the time and can stay awake for more than 10 minutes at a time. To ALL the wonderful, caring staff on Ward 7 my deepest thanks and gratitude. You work so hard amidst the chaos around you. Would I use this hospital again? - wild dogs couldn't drag me in there!

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