"Anger and frustration over the treatment of my grandmother "

About: Nevill Hall Hospital

(as a relative),

Myself, sister and mother took my 99 year old grandmother to her gp's last week after becoming very confused. We thought it might be a possible urine infection as she's had several of these in the past years and has become very confused. The GP thought exactly the same and prescribed her anti-biotics and told us to get a water sample from her before starting the medication which we did and took it back to GP's the next day.

Two days later she was much worse, total confusion, refusing to eat or take her medication. GP decided to have had admitted to Nevill Hall with a letter of admission stating on the letter possible urine infection. After having an ecg, blood tests and xray we eventually saw a doctor who said that her sodium levels were quite low and it was probably due to a new tablet her GP had prescribed for her high blood pressure and that low sodium levels would lead to confusion. She said that she wanted to keep my grandmother in overnight.

On visiting my grandmother the following day her condition had deteriorated even further so the point of her not even knowing who we were. As it was the weekend she hadn't seen a doctor and was unlikely to until the Monday and we were unable to speak to anyone either.

The following day found my grandmother sitting in the day room. There was ham on a plate in front of her, no drink. We had told nursing staff that my grandmother has macular degeneration and is registered blind so she can't see what is in front of her. We were told that as she was so confused and was disturbing the other patients that they wheeled her bed into the dayroom and thats where she stayed the night. Still no Doctor on duty and none of the nurses knew what was going on either. One male nurse told us that she would probably have a brain scan the following day. I rang the hospital that night when I arrived home because I was so worried about my grandmother and the lack of care she's receiving and told the staff on duty that we wanted to see a Doctor the next day to find out exactly what is wrong with her. I was told that when we arrived to ask the nurse in charge of my grandmother to bleep through to one of the team.

The following day I rang the hospital and asked if it was possible to arrive an hour before visiting began to see the Doctor, I was told that was fine. My grandmother was sleeping in the chair beside the bed when we arrived and we were told by the other patients that she had slept in the chair all night (she refused to get into bed). There was a jug of water out of her reach (she can't see to pour herself a drink anyway and is now too confused to do so ), no cup there anyway. When she awoke she was so thirsty, we poured her a cup of lemonade and she drank it down in one. I also noticed that she had marks and bruising on her lower left leg. As soon as we arrived on the ward I asked a member of staff about seeing a Doctor and was told she would sort it out. An hour passed and nothing. I then asked another nurse and was told she would arrange it with my grandmothers nurse. Nothing. My mother saw another nurse and was told that my Grandmother doesn't have a urine infection, her sodium levels are fine and she doesn't have dementia. On leaving the hospital we eventually found the nurse in charge of my grandmother and mentioned the marks on her leg. She went to look and said she didn't know how they got there and would have to ask the Doctor. She told us its better to ring the Doctor's secretary and make an appointment for the following day. Did so only to be told that the Doctor in charge of my grandmother is away on holiday for the week.

Next day, did manage to get to see a Doctor but we weren't told anything. Just that her sodium levels are low (nurse said the day before they were fine), could be a possible urine infection (told by nurse the day before no urine infection). Said possible brain scan might be done.

Today still no improvement, still no Doctor. Were told by other patients that she's wandering around the wards, not eating any food either, yet when we phone the hospital they say that she's eating. Felt so angry when I saw how one nurse shouted at an elderly lady in the bed opposite my grandmother to get into her bed. On putting a needle into this elderly ladies hand she shouted out because it hurt only for the nurse to say "don't do that, don't do that you make me nervous". Nervous? She's a nurse, how can she be nervous. I felt that her attitude changed when elderly ladies relatives arrived

My mother went to find out information about my grandmother and was told by this same nurse that my grandmother has Battle Decay. Battle Decay? That's a new one on me.

Now they want to transfer my grandmother to Blaina Hospital. They will send her there without any explanation to what has happened to her. I know she's very elderly but she's lived on her own up until now with help from me and my mother and carers 3 times a day. This confusion has come on so unexpected in a matter of 2 days and they're just putting this down to her age.

Myself and my family are totally disgusted at the lack of care given to my grandmother a few other elderly patients that we saw. They should be cared and looked after and given dignity and respect due to them.

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