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(as the patient),

I was admitted through a n e at 14 weeks pregnant with severe shortness of breath and suspected dvt or pe. (Already high risk in pregnancy for dvt) I was told by the lovely dr in a n e that she would perform a d dimer blood test and that later stages of pregnancy can sometimes make the test raised but for my stage in pregnancy she would still expect a normal result. As the d dimer came back she said it was raised and they would be moving me to surgical assessment unit. They scanned one of my legs and told me that it was clear (started half way down my thigh) I believe usual protocol was to start at the groin? !

It was after this my situation got a lot worse. I was moved to ward a3. All il say is..... All the gear and no idea. They all knew I was pregnant on that ward. The dr told me he would scan my lungs so sent me for a ct scan..... I went at 5. 30 ish can't remember exact time it was 7 weeks ago (just found the site now to complain) and the lady doing the tea walked past me whilst I was being wheeled down to the scan and said I will save your chicken sandwich (the only thing hospital food wise I ate whilst in there) for tea in the fridge. I got back up to the ward around 6. 30. At 7pm I asked a healthcare if I could have my sandwich to which she came back to me saying oh sorry we have nothing in the fridge. When I explained my circumstances that I was pregnant and not eaten since around 1ish at dinner time she told me she would find me something to eat. 10: 30 at night I was starving and felt very weak. Still no food. A healthcare came up to me and said I can get you a ham sandwich I said I don't eat it and had written down what I wanted for dinner. She then replied Iv offered you ham so it's your own fault your starving. Luckily my friend who is a nurse was working nights and at 11pm ran off her ward on her break to bring me some cheese and biscuits. A staff member the next day came up to me to say my friend shouldn't have done that, so when I asked her why the staff on her ward had left me from 1pm pregnant with no food I was left to shake and be poorly, she was saying it was a friend who was in the wrong.

The next day I was told by the dr that the ct scan was okay and after scanning my lungs and legs I was to go home. At that point I mentioned that they had only scanned one leg! To which he said no we have done both I told him to check my notes properly. The same dr also offered me cocodamol for pain relief even though I was wearing a bright red bracelet saying I was allergic to codeine.

That same day me and the lady in the bed opposite highlighted to a healthcare assistant that the really old lady next to her had spilt her water down her top he said he would get to her. He turned up 3 hours later with a very rude healthcare staff who said in a very rude manner that she only had 2 hands and that the lady was not wet. When I explained that she wouldn't be wet now because it was 3 hours ago she came over to my bed leant right over and pointed in my face, saying don't you tell me how to do my job. My sister was visiting at this point who called staff over as she was disgusted at her behaviour.

I don't believe they did very much as this same very rude healthcare lady kept walking past my bed for the rest of my stay giving me dirty looks and smirking at me.

On the same ward I told a nurse that I was leaking fluid from down below and was worried that it was fluid from around my baby. To which he told me I would be fine and left me. The matron eventually got gynae registrar to come and check me over the following day.

I also was looking at the machine the nurse took my stats from on more than one occasion my heart rate went above 120 to which I watched the nurse write on my notes 102 when I asked her why she hadn't written that it was 120 she said it was nothing to worry about. With me also complaining of palpatations I was disgusted that she had done this knowing that anything above 100-110 when pregnant should be looked into!

Very unprofessional behaviour and I'm now sat at home with a very bad kidney infection at 22 weeks to which my midwife has advised me to go to a n e and get sorted but daren't because of the terrible care I recieved last time.

Ward a 3 really needs looking at in my opinion. Full of staff that don't have a clue.

I was both shocked and very annoyed that the ward were so incompetent.

I'm now scared to death to go back to that hospital and have been considering transferring my care to a different hospital to deliver my baby. But apparently it's a different experience when it comes to baby side of things and not medical. I'm yet to witness.

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Response from Samantha Robinson, Head of Patient Experience, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Hello my name is Samantha, Firstly I would like to thank you for your feedback through Patient Opinion, however I am sorry to learn of your recent experience whilst on Ward A3. Please be assured we take concerns around the standards of care provided very seriously and we would like to investigate the issues that you have raised in more detail. In order for us to do this please contact our Patient Experience Team on 01709 424461 so we can discuss your concerns in confidence.

With regard to your current kidney infection and the information provided by your named midwife. The Community Midwifery Team Leader advises that you contact the Community Midwifery appointment line on 01709 424058 so that staff can discuss an appointment with you. With best wishes.

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Update posted by Pregnantandworried (the patient)

I am also concerned that the story I wrote on the page has been amended somewhat?! The sight says patient opinion but there are people at the other end changing these patient experiences.

Response from Sarah Ashurst, subscriber services manager, Care Opinion

picture of Sarah Ashurst

Hi Pregnantandworried,

My name is Sarah and I am one of the team at Patient Opinion. I wanted to reply to your comment about how we may moderate patient stories on our website.

We are a social enterprise and our aim is to create a place where patients and staff can talk about care, and we think that place should feel safe for both sides. This means that part of our policy is to make sure staff are not identified negatively. You can read more about our moderation policy here. As an organisation, we wholeheartedly believe that people should be critical of bad care they may have received but we think this is better done constructively, and so Patient Opinion isn't a place for "naming and shaming". We want to support a culture of change in the health service and create a space for patients and staff to work together in improve services for everyone.

I had a look at your story and we did remove some details about staff roles as we thought that this may identify individuals. I am sorry this was not more clear in our emails to you that we may do this. I will review the emails we send to people and see if we can improve this communication based on your feedback. I do not want anyone to feel misled by our site, especially when they have taken time to share their experiences with us and the health service.

If you would like to talk specifically about anything we changed in your posting, please feel free to call me on 0114 281 6256 (ask to speak to Sarah).

I hope this helps explain things but, as I say, please do get in touch if you would like to talk more.

I hope everything runs smoothly with the birth of your little one,

Best wishes,


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