"Don't use this A&E all staff were rude."

About: North Manchester General Hospital

I presented with bad foot pain. I live in Radcliffe, but have moved into mums house in Prestwich, a mile or so up the road from this a&e as she is 3 weeks out of hospital for a second knee replacement, I've been helping her out as she gets better. I got a lift to this A&E as I can't walk much distance on the foot. Basically I saw the triage doctor, who sent me away. Said I need to make an appointment with my docs to get referred for a foot xray, because they can't do this for me, it's not what A&E is for. That's how it's always been done. When I explained I can't walk to docs, they said register with a doc in Prestwich, then get referred for an X-ray here. *My question is, is that the way it's done?* I rang my docs, their receptionist said go to Fairfield A&E because it's not correct. I did, got an X-ray have 2 lines on bone of foot exactly where pain is, but won't class it as a fracture, though they can't say what it is. Although they examined movement and pain of foot a lot more than doc at Manchester, who barely touched it. they have given me pain killers, which take the edge off, still in pain, hope it gets better. Walking round house keeping weight off foot, but avoiding walking all together, as even with the meds, it hurts a lot. I have an appointment with docs in Radcliffe on tues. I'll be out of meds mid Friday, hope the pain is gone by then. If not they'll up the meds when I see docs. Aside from this at Manchester when I saw receptionist after not minding waiting in line, they said I should have used the computer screen to sign in, before asking my details or what I'm there for. When I saw pre triage nurse, they were also in a bad mood, talked fast, asked questions rapidly about dates. I knew how long is been in pain. I had to apologise and ask for patience as I have bipolar and I'm bad with dates. Bipolar can make your short term memory very bad, and the meds make it worse. I'm sorry for having bad foot pain, and I'm sorry for bothering your department. No one wishes more than me that I didn't have to see someone about my foot. Also, some fractures don't show up on X-ray in the foot.* Finally again, if you think you have a broken bone in your foot, is it normal to be turned away from A&E and request a referral from your doc. And if you can't make it to your doc because of the pain is it right the A&E doc tells you to register with a Gp close to where you're temporarily based, then get referred? Is this what happens if youre injured in uk on stay cation, or visiting family in other parts of the country? Is it normal the A&E nurse doesn't examine your foot fully? When I phoned my Radcliffe practice they said to go to Fairfield A&E right away because otherwise I'm prolonging the pain. To summarise, if you're in pain, and think you've broken a bone, or have broken a bone but otherwise okay, don't bother Manchester A&E, you'll be sorry you did.

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