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On the whole, I had a great experience at this hospital. Her follows my positive comments: The Consultant was a charming, calm member of staff who imparted a lot of confidence to me about the procedure I was due to have. I was given adequate opportunities to ask questions and felt as reassured as I could be prior to my operation. I was very happy with the presentation of the hospital, it felt clean, airy and professional. My anaesthetic was the best I have ever had (if that can indeed be an accolade). The anesthetist being, calm, considerate and professional. The theatre nurse was excellent at keeping me feeling calm yet relaxed as the nurse had an excellent manner. I feel that even in the initial post op period, any interventions were performed with a minimum of fuss and caused very little disturbance to my sleep. The night nurse I had met at my preop clinic and was very down to earth and allowed individualised care. The nurse even had some Horlicks for me on that post op night and assisted me in the night when I couldnt get comfortable or sleep. My only negative comments would be that 1. having to come all the way to the hospital for the pre-op nurse clinic was very inconvenient. It involved me having to take a half day off work and extra travel when my condition was meaning that this was uncomfortable. For those who have no transport or rely on alternative transport arrangements, I would say that would be even worse. Perhaps, there is a way to accommodate those clinics to fall directly after seeing the Consultant at the appt when they decide an operation would help to cure/alleviate the presenting symptoms. 2. One of the nurses did not practice individualised care very well. On arriving for day shift, they came into my room very loudly, when i was still sleeping, opening my curtains and windows without any thought to what I needed or wanted. The nurse was actually very rude in the way they spoke to me on three occasions including in front and to my father (who collected me on discharge). I did document this on my feedback form at the time but fear it may not have gone to the appropriate area. On the whole however, this was just one individual who perhaps needs some guidance about patient contact. Should I ever need any further treatment, I would not hesitate in attending this hospital. Thank you so much for your care and ending about five years of pain and disability. I am still in recovery but nearly back to normal now.

Story from NHS Choices

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