"The worst service I have ever experienced..."

I don't normally write reviews but I really want to caution people about Scrivens. I can't describe how frustrated I am with the service I have received. The optician that conducted my eye exam was very rude and was rushing me during the exam. I did not feel that they did a thorough job and was blown away by the lack of care and attention to detail. After that, I ordered my glasses with them. I believe I spent over five hundred pounds on them. Following that, I needed to order contact lenses. I was going on holiday for a month and told the optician that I needed my contact lenses before I left. They also convinced me to start on a lense plan with them because I would save money and get free lense check ups. When my lenses arrived they were the wrong prescription. I had to take them in and tell them they ordered me the wrong ones. They assured me they had now ordered the correct ones but when those ones arrived they were also the wrong brand and prescription. I told them I was really concerned and couldn't believe this happened again. They apologized but did nothing to rectify what had happened. Then, last month, after being on a lense plan with them for ten months and being completely disappointed with the service, I decided to leave. I told them why and explained everything. The person I spoke to told me that they couldn't release any of my prescriptions unless I paid them more money. I told them I had been paying their company every month for ten months and have been a great customer. They said that because I never had a lense check up during those ten months, they couldn't release my contact lense prescription unless I paid them. Apparently, their policy states that they can't release a contact lense prescription unless all the relevant checks were done. However, they were able to still take money from me every month and supply lenses without these checks. Then they continued to tell me that I might be better to leave them and start over again with a different optician. I have never in my life heard of a company telling their customer to leave and take their business elsewhere. The final straw for me was when I decided to go elsewhere, and asked them to please release my eye prescription (which I have paid for) because I want to start the process over again with a different company. They told me they can't get my prescription signed by an optician, and that if they could I would have to pay for a copy of it. Then they said that I would have been given a copy of my eye prescription when the exam was conducted which was untrue. When I asked them for a copy right after my exam they told me they keep them all on file so I don't need to have it. They still won't release my eye prescription to me and now I have to go and pay for the eye exam and lense fittings again with a different company even though my prescriptions are still valid and in date! My biggest issue with all of this is that Scrivens is taking advantage of people who have sight problems.

Story from NHS Choices

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