"Great maternity experience from excellent team"

About: Hull Royal Infirmary / Maternity

(as the patient),

Although I have read a couple of negative reviews my experience could not have been more different. This labour is my first.

Initially on first calling the labour ward the midwife on the phone was really helpful and although I was told to stay at home she explained why, and what to do with regards to coping with pain and contractions etc. When I called again hours later, again the midwife I spoke to was empathetic and understood the pain I was in, and didn't mind that I had to stop talking during contractions.

I asked to come into hospital, although hesitant (understandably as everyone's pain threshold is different) she agreed but kindly explained if I wasn't in established labour I would be unable to stay. When I got there (about 7. 30 ish) the midwife (sorry I can't remember her name) was excellent put me straight on the gas and air and examined me. Fortunately I was 6cm and able to stay!

She was really kind and the bedside manner was fantastic. Unfortunately for me it was shift change time, and I thought oh god! I don't want this lady to leave, however she introduced me to the midwife that would be looking after me. She was called Victoria. ... Where to start she was amazing throughout!

She asked me if I had a birth plan and if I had thought about pain relief etc, I asked for an epidural. She explained it might be a bit of a wait as the anaesthetist was in surgery and couldn't be more apologetic. She was incredibly caring and really knows her stuff.

I braced myself for hours before It would come but within half an hour the team came in. The anaesthetist and his assistant (I'm sorry I don't know the correct terminology for his role) were both brilliant. Both male, but fantastic and patient. They explained that if I was going to have a contraction they would stop. This happened twice but in seconds it was done, totally painless and they did an amazing job.

Victoria let me rest and did loads of frequent checks on me and baby. She broke my waters and didn't mind constantly changing the bed pads as my waters kept leaking out... Victoria was fantastic. Instead of having the epidural topped up I decided to let it wear off as it would be a couple of hours until I could push.

Victoria was brilliant and so encouraging when It came to pushing. She was pregnant herself so was unable to have my legs pushed against her but she brought her colleague Dot in to help. After about 50 minutes I'd had enough but they both continued excellently and professionally until my son was born at 3:40am.

Next was the tearing, they thought I was going to have to go into surgery, however after the consultant checked, and said it was just muscle fibre and it would heal on its own. Victoria then stitched me up under the watch of the consultant. (Though I understand why, she didn't need watching she was brilliant and has done a fantastic job) I cannot praise Victoria, Dot and all the labour team enough.

I then went down the the ward. I paid for a private room. It's the best £75ish I've spent. It was lovely and clean and I was on my own rather than in a shared room. Again the team of ladies down there were excellent. Being a first time mum I had no clue what I was doing! If I would say anything it's if you need help ASK!

I used my buzzer and although it was a fair few times over the few days I was in it's what it's there for, and the care I received was brilliant! There was one particular lady that was really helpful, I don't know if she was a midwife or something similar as she had a stripy uniform on rather than the blue. She was brilliant my regret is that I can't remember her name, she did a bath demonstration for me with my son, brought me my food and cups of tea and helped me with my breast feeding.

There was also a student midwife that was just excellent, my son was vomiting mucus and I was really panicking but she completely put my mind at rest and helped mr any time I needed it. When qualified she'll make an excellent midwife.

Overall the care I received from everyone I met pre and post labour were brilliant, all the teams are a credit to themselves and to the NHS. They all work so hard and made my experience a great one so thank you

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