I visited here to have my two prolapsed discs and trapped nerves treated. They had no knowledge about me when i went there, no notes, they did not even have my MRI scan when i first visited them. That was on the 9/08. So i had to see someone else on 17/9 - I saw a doctor. They were rude, their words were "I am disregarding your MRI as your symptoms are not text book. I have had back pain for 5 years, finally got seen too and I get this rude person. I am overweight, but manly due to the last 5 months ive put wait on because im in so much pain. They told me i was too pain sensitive, (but i don't just have this back problem, i have a chest problem causing me pain for 5 years too)., I am on morphine because of the pain. They physically examined me, and brought me to tears and caused me extreme pain. ( did not apologize, tried to get me to move, when i was crying in pain). They moved my legs and back in such a way that was so painful that now I have a permanently pain in my right leg, and i cannot sit on my bum for very long at all now, i cant walk properly as i cannot weight bare on my right leg. I am absolutely disgusted.. I am going to see my GP, and get another MRI done, and to be re-furred to another clinic. I have never been spoken too, or treated in such a manor before and I am not coming back to this service. If someone wants to contact me about my ordeal you are welcome to do so,

Story from NHS Choices

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