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(as the patient),

I'm writing to complain about Charring Cross' GIC patient service. I've been a trans-male patient there since late 2014. I'm writing with regards to the latest incident I'm currently going through with them now. I'll write it in bullet points in chronological order (all within 2016) to give you an idea of how the process has been.

From Spring 2016 and an appointment with the Doctor with regards to a mastectomy referral. They say they will write the referral letter within 2 weeks.

End of same month I have my GP fax blood results

3rd month from appointment - I call the GIC about my referral letter, have they sent it etc. They tell me it hasn't been written yet, they're still in backlog by four months.

4th month from appointment - I call GIC for bloods letter, leave a voicemail with name and phone number. No reply.

4th month since appointment - I call GIC asking about referral letter and a lack of reply about bloods results. They tell me the referral letter and bloods letter were sent in the previous month. I have not received these, nor have my GP. They definitely know my address and GP surgery address because I had moved and updated the info at my appointment in Spring. They tell me they will re-send them to me and my GP.

4th month since appointment - I call Hull & Riding Hospital (H&R) with regards to my referral. They have not received the referral letter either. They give me a fax number and tell me to get the GIC to fax H&R my referral letter.

I call GIC and explain they need to fax my referral letter to H&R. They won't do it without H&R faxing GIC to ask them for the referral letter.

I call H&R and explain GIC won't fax it. That H&R have to fax GIC asking for the referral letter. H&R said they won't fax asking for the referral letter because they'd have to send details about me - security risk or something. They take my name, date of birth, address, and phone number. They asked for GIC's phone and fax number. They said they'd call the GIC and sort it out over phone.

I receive a call from H&R. They said when they called GIC the GIC said we (me and the GIC) haven't been in contact.

I am extremely annoyed that this has pushed me back another month in my transition. There have been multiple issues that I've had with Charring Cross but this really is getting to me now. Please

bear in mind I never heard back from the voicemail I left in several months back.. I've never had a reply when I've left previous voicemails other times.

19th of the 4th month - I sent a formal complaint to PALS with regards to all the events I have already dated.

The latter part of the 4th month - I contacted H&R (Hull& Riding) to be told that they are the private hospital Kneeshaw works at, and that it is Castle Hill (CH) for NHS work. I contacted CH and they had not received a referral either.

Late 4th month - After another call to GIC they finally send my referral to CH and myself. But I did not receive the bloods letter I had requested with this. The referral was dated a month ago (over 4 weeks ago).

Late 4th month - I contacted GIC for bloods, they send me them and a letter from my original appointment from the GIC doctor to my GP. The bloods was dated three months ago.

Here I admit when I asked for the bloods a month back, I gave them an estimation of when I faxed them, and estimated a month late. However this should not have stopped them finding my results, and they just should have written a reply anyhow.

5th month - Receive my consultation appointment date for CH!

Mid/end of 5th month - Put in for funding and it is certified from WHHSC.

End of the 5th month - I receive an investigation summary from PALS. As well as receiving multiple copies of what I have previously asked for, as well as a summary of the original appointment that I had not received before.

In the investigation reply it states that 'as we have agreed with surgical providers that they will insert all referrals into their queues where they naturally should have been had the typing been actioned in a timely manner.'

However this wasn't reflected in my consultation date. When I contacted the surgeon's secretary she said they base it on the date they receive the referral, not the transcription date.

Early 6th month - I reply with further questions to PALS.

I hope posting on the site can help me, I know this is being looked into but I would like it to be better for other transpeople going through the same issues.


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Response from Lee Wroth, Service Manager, West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Dear Schuy95

We fully understand your frustration given the history of the contacts that you have had with this service. That you are still experiencing problems is of a major concern to us and one that we would very much like to help with.

The best way for us to be able to do that is to focus on one avenue for that complaint to be made.

It would appear that you have raised a formal complaint, may we, therefore, respectfully request that you raise any additional concerns via that medium too? We will then be easily able to link your correspondence with us, rather than trying to link various routes together.


Lee Wroth

Service Manager

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Update posted by Schuy95 (the patient)


Lee, thank you. I will keep the team I've complained to updated with further problems.