"Lyme disease"

About: Arden, Herefordshire and Worcestershire

(as the patient),

I was bitten by a tick in Worcester in 2015, the doctors didn't recognise my bullseye rash, after several months of weird symptoms and worsening health I searched the Internet for a possible cause. I discovered Lyme disease. I recognised my rash and told my doctors surgery. I was told we don't have ticks here to which I responded our two cats often pick up ticks. I asked for a second opinion and a locum doctor agreed to do the Lyme disease tests. The first elisa test came back positive. I was refused treatment for Lyme disease and made to wait for the results of the second test the Western Blot. This came back negative. I demanded antibiotics and was given 10 days at 200mg daily. This was 5mths after the initial bite. I contacted the charity Lyme disease action and they suggested due to neurological issues to take 400mg for a month.

My symptoms continue to this day and neurological symptoms are worse. I got a grant from Lyme aid charity to have a private blood test done in Germany. It came back positive too. The doctors won't accept the results. My optician has written to my doctors suggesting a Lyme disease test as my Eyesight has gone from 20/20 to worsening. I now have trigeminal neuralgia, multiple Sclerosis symptoms and dysautomnia all since the bite. After complaining to my doctors surgery I have been fobbed off with fibromyalgia despite not having the main fybromyalgia symptoms. I have paid to see a private doctor who has clinically diagnosed Lyme disease based on my symptoms and blood test results. My doctors surgery still won't accept this. I used to be as fit as a fiddle and was second year into a three year course. I have had to leave this since being bitten as I am developing dementia.

I am a single parent and unable to work due to illness. Forced to live in absolute poverty due to self funding treatment to try and prevent worse health as my children depend on me.

I thought the NHS were meant to look out for people in my situation. They are doing the opposite making things worse and causing a great deal of harm.

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