"Busy but efficiently run clinic"

About: Moorfields Eye Hospital (City Road)

(as the patient),

I went to my GP about a small cyst near my tear duct and was sent to Moorfields Eye Clinic at St George's Tooting. My first visits saw a packed waiting room and a hive of activity. I waited a short time and received a consultation. They advised it was 'nothing sinister' and said they could operate and left me to decide.

After a couple of weeks thinking about it I decided to have the op. I called on a Tuesday and was offered an op on the Friday! I advised I was at work and would need more time to plan.

Letters came advising me of the op and on the day of the op I arrived at the clinic 15 mins early. The person on reception could've been more polite and attentive; an 'I'll be with you in just a moment when I've dealt with this issue' would've been welcome.

I was soon seen by a nurse (Christine) and had an eye test and a nice chat; Christine joked the cyst was too small and that she's used to operating on bigger cysts. She clearly described what was going to happen and gave me a clear time frame that allowed me time to go and get a coffee and be back in time. She advised there was a significant operation taking place that was going to take some time, a small op on a wart next, and then it would be me. It was helpful having a clear, honest timeframe. I did not feel fobbed off as one sometimes can.

I waited longer than I'd expected but was aware of what was keeping the team.

The doctor went through the consent form and what the op would involve. The nursing assistant Paolo introduced himself to me politely. The nature of the op was made clear by the doctor.

The op went quickly with the doctor responding to my questions about what was happening. The longest silence was when the doctor was concentrating on removing the cyst. The cauterisation was explained and I was prepared for the smell.

My eye was patched and I was advised I'd need to where the patch 'like a pirate' for a couple of hours. I was given some cream and advised I'd need to take it three times a day for a week and I left the clinic.

On my way home I read the cream's box and it advised I wouldn't be able to wear contact lenses (as I usually do; I was wearing glasses on the day of the op). I looked up the number on my phone and called for advice. I had to wait some time and was eventually transferred to speak to Christine. She advised that I need to use the cream twice a day for three days, not wear my contact lenses, then use the cream at night for a week, when my lenses were out. Christine repeated that she'd cal me when the biopsy had been done on the cyst.  What could be improved? Consistency of advice.

All in all it was an excellent experience of our wonderful NHS and a very positive experience of St George's which has looked after me since I was born there 47 years ago.

Thank you to everyone involved in a busy but efficiently run clinic. A very positive experience.

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